Community Spotlight: Zoey Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine Chef + Nutritionist, Founder of Five Seasons TCM

Zoey Gong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine chef and nutritionist and the founder of Five Seasons TCM, an educational platform for TCM food therapy, where you'd be able to explore a plethora of TCM recipes and learn more about TCM nutrition. Here, she talks about the mission of her brand and what self-care and wellness means to her. 

Additionally, they just launched a 2021 TCM Calendar, featuring beautiful watercolor illustrations of seasonal foods and herbs. Check it out before it gets sold out!

Find out more about Zoey at and on Instagram @zoeyxinyigong


What do you do? Can you tell us more about your brand, Five Seasons TCM?

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine chef and nutritionist from Shanghai, but I live in Brooklyn, New York now. I just launched Five Seasons TCM this October. It is a boutique wellness brand that shares and modernizes the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy through educational content, functional products and its avant-garde aesthetic. The mission behind Five Seasons TCM is to promote, educate and inspire a TCM lifestyle, to provide access to high quality, sustainable, and curated products, inspired by the East Asia, to showcase the authentic knowledge of using food as medicine, and to amplify the voices of the asian community, practitioners, and talents.

What does wellness mean to you and how does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fit into that picture?

Wellness means understanding our own body and taking care of it as much as we can. TCM is a very intuitive system of medicine that is extremely personalized. There is no one formula that fits all. The same illness might have different root causes in different people. They just happen to manifest it in the same way. I want to guide people to understand their own body more, rather than trying to chase a trendy diet or superfood. That's why at Five Seasons TCM, we spent a lot of time developing a body constitution quiz and analysis to encourage our audience to learn more about their own patterns and how to potentially improve through diet and lifestyle.

How do you incorporate the Digestive Health Hero blend in your routine?

I really enjoyed the Digestive Health hero blend! It is different from the conventional digestion supplements on the market. I like to just dissolve it in warm water and drink in the morning. Once my boyfriend picked it up and drank it and said: "since when did you start to drink coffee?" It does taste like coffee! I imagine that might be great for coffee lovers who want to get less caffeine. 

What is your favorite herb from our herbs glossary?

Ahhh you got so many amazing ones!! It is so so hard to pick a favorite. Currently, though, I will pick goji because I just sourced some amazing organic goji from a farm in Ningxia China. The farmers are just such lovely people! They would dress their daughter in goji-red dresses because they are so passionate about goji! They also sent me some cold-pressed goji juice, which is rich beyond belief. So I guess if I have to pick, it is the one!

What do you do when you feel stressed out or off-balanced?

Ha that's exactly how I feel now. I have just about 4 full-time jobs going on at the same time. As a freelancer and founder of a small business, trying to make a living and keep creating is not easy. So I took a little time off to do a foot bath and then rethink my priorities and tackle them one by one. I also keep telling myself: "there is nothing to stress about! I can always leave and be a nun in a temple if I want!" Somehow this kind of thinking really helps me!